What to Expect When Embroidering Your Logo

  • Posted By : Randy McKernan
  • February 06, 2024
  • Embroidery

What to expect when embroidering your logo  


Embroidering logos has been a cornerstone of our business for many years, and while most projects are straightforward, certain challenges tend to arise consistently. For those venturing into logo embroidery for the first time, here's a heads-up on what you can expect:

Size Matters:

The most common embroidery placement is the left chest, or chest size. Designs typically range from 2” to 4” wide, with a proportional height. Our standard embroidery hoop is about 5” round, accommodating up to 4 1/2” embroidery. While we have other options, this is the norm.

Stitch Count:

Most logos, including the open space, fall within the 6,000 to less than 10,000 stitches range. Exceeding 10,000 stitches may incur an additional charge, as larger designs often require more time, affecting efficiency and cost. We pride ourselves on efficiency, and larger designs tend to be less efficient, hence the higher charge. The example in the photo on the right is approximately 28,000 stitches. Up to 10K stitches with prep time typically takes about 15 minutes on and off the embroidery machine. However, larger designs, especially left chest size, may require up to 30 or 40 minutes due to frequent stops for trimming or color changes.

Design Details and Small Lettering:

Embroidery might not be friendly to intricate details or small lettering. Tag lines under logos may need adjustment—breaking into multiple lines or reconfiguring. While we can enlarge details for legibility, it might compromise the overall proportion of your logo.

Space Considerations:

Some spaces may not be large enough for embroidery, particularly if they are in unconventional locations. The embroidery machine's "arm" must fit under the hoop, and if the space is too restrictive, we may need to try it on the garment before confirming feasibility.

Hat Embroidery:

Hats offer unique challenges. While we can embroider the front panel (up to 2” high), the right and left panels just forward of the ear, and the back panel over the opening, the pieces are decorated before the hat is sewn together. For specialized hat embroidery, we collaborate with manufacturers to meet your specifications.

Alternatives to Embroidery:

Embroidery might not always be the ideal choice. For large designs, detailed images, or if you seek a unique appearance, we might recommend screen printing, transfers, applique, or other custom decoration options. Our extensive experience guarantees top-quality embroidery; if it can be embroidered and look good, we can bring your vision to life.