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Jul 29

How We Ensure the Quality of Our Direct Embroidery

What Makes Quality Logo Embroidery?

When you receive an embroidered product you probably just simply look at it to see if it meets your expectations before you wear or distribute your purchase.  However, there are a lot of variables that help determine the quality of that embroidery....Digitizing, Equipment, Maintenance,Supplies, Operator Experience, Company Policies and Procedures

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Jun 15

I Don’t Like the Embroidery Backing Showing Through My Shirt!

Embroidery backing showing through on a shirt is a common issue in embroidery, and one without a definitive solution. If you have read my previous post on how we ensure the quality of our logo embroidery, you know quality is always an issue of concern in our process. This post is to specifically address the issue of the embroidery backing showing through on some shirts.

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