Review of Nike Elite Dri-Fit Ottoman Bonded Polo

The Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-Fit Ottoman Bonded Polo, Nike style #429439, has become a favorite of mine. Sure, there is some appeal to wearing a $90 polo shirt but some things are just worth the money.

This shirt has $90 of comfort. I’m not a spandex guy, mostly because it doesn’t flatter my aging physique, but I love the way this shirt moves with me. It has a traditional fit, not oversized or tight; just what I expect from a golf shirt. The slight ottoman texture breaks up the smooth finish, so it drapes well without embarrassing. The Dri-fit moisture management properties work exceptionally well even after being in my wardrobe now for some time. A recent wicking test, which I’ll cover at a later date, proves it still has superior moisture wicking properties. Dri-Fit that's done right by my book.

This polo is exceptional right from the dryer. The polyester/spandex fabric still has the same dark navy color as the day I first put it on. The bonded finish on the collar and placket means that there are no additional stitches to pull and pucker. The thread in the stitching on some polos may shrink slightly different that the thread in the fabric, causing the edges on a collar or placket to pucker slightly. The bonding technology in this superior polo shirt means a clean, smooth edge. Even the buttons are classy.

Lightweight performance fabrics, as a rule, need extra attention when we embroider your logo. This shirt is no different. The ottoman texture and the slightly heavier weight of this shirt help improve the finished look of the embroidery so from start to finish you get what you pay for in this high-end Dri-fit polo.